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Sophonie Dagrin

Miss Notre Dame D'Haiti Pageant 2014

I, Sophonie Dagrin, widely known as Miss Notre Dame D'Haiti, in which I serve this role with passion, assertiveness, and my life, was born in Miami, FL (USA). I am a junior attending Barry University with a double major in exercise physiology and premed with a double minor in business and biology.

As Miss Notre Dame D’haiti I have watched myself grow from a shy young lady to a self-determined, well-educated, ambitious young woman who is hungry with the desire to succeed.

I really enjoy putting a smile on people's face; and as an amateur leader with an extreme passion for success, Eric Thomas said it best when he says, “Know your WHY, there should be no alarm clock to wake you up, your PASSION should wake you up”.

Since 2014 Being Miss Notre Dame D'Haiti has always been my passion and always will be.

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