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Marie Wilkencia Joachim | No. 1

I was born in Port Au Prince Haiti and came to South Florida at the age of 4; moved to New York for a year. I came back to the South in the Summer of 2005 where I currently reside. I am a Junior at Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High. I am a cheerleader and a part of the STARS Choral Magnet program. At Notre Dame D'Haiti Catholic Church, I am a proud member of M.E.J, La Sainte Famille and Mime Ministry. My hobbies include singing, acting,and dancing. I enjoy making people smile as a brief and temporary relief. Everyone has a gift and mine is the gift of outspokenness to advocate for the helpless. I enjoy speaking about problems, especially those within our community. I want to be an advocate for those individuals whose voices aren't heard but most importantly of the youth and my fellow Haitians.

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More About Me
I may be young but I do see the problems that are present before me: our people are too segregated. As Christians, segregation should not even be present within our community. We have become so consumed by social statuses and rankings that we forget about our brothers and sisters who are not as fortunate. There is too much competition present between us; we need to learn that, as children of God, we shouldn't be competing over things of no value in the Kingdom of the Lord. If I were to become the next Miss Notre Dame D'Haiti, I would address those problems and provide a solution where everything is better when we work together, disregarding our differences.

I want to show everyone that it isn't what you have that counts, rather what you do with it. Your social status and your income doesn't make you the person you are; your heart and what you do with your title and money are what makes you who you are. You can be the president and have all the money in the world but if you don't use what God has blessed you with to help others then it isn't worth having because once you die everything that you have acquired on earth means nothing.
My Goals
Becoming the next Miss Notre Dame D'Haiti would mean a lot to me. I can relate to the youth as I use my gift from God to speak for them: the gift of outspokenness to advocate for the helpless. I know of problems that are present within our community and I want to make a difference. Our church and our community needs a great leader, and I strongly believe to be a greater advocate.