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The Miss Notre Dame D'Haiti Pageant is a nonprofit organization that has maintained a tradition of empowering young women to achieve their personal goals while providing a forum to help lead modeled lives, express their opinions, talents and intelligence.
The purpose of the Miss Notre Dame D'Haiti Pageant is not only to enlighten young ladies in the church, both culturally and spiritually, but to instill a sense of pride, to acquire leadership skills, and to promote fellowship amongst the youth in the parish.
This activity has made a tremendous difference to help bring about more life and to promote today’s young women, ages 17 to 25, a sense of pride and their accomplishments. Young women at Notre Dame D’Haiti Catholic Church are finding Miss Notre Dame D’Haiti Pageant to be the opportunity to work with others while becoming positive role models
The pageant gives each contestant the opportunity to learn about customs and traditions in different cities in Haiti while giving her an opportunity to share her beliefs and make plenty of new friends during the entire weeks of activities leading up to the exciting night of competition.
Affluent in social significance, raising funds for upkeep of our church, and promoting self-esteem among young Catholic Haitian women have been the cornerstone of the Miss Notre Dame D’Haiti Pageant.
Who would have believed that in 2005, a journey to Club Kreyol’s Miss Haiti Pageant, in Tampa Florida, would transform into a tradition with numerous young women at Notre Dame D’Haiti Catholic Church competing to become a part of MNDD Pageant history?
June 26, 2006 debuted the first Miss Notre Dame D’Haiti Pageant, a wonderful experience to see what young, goal-minded people can accomplish.
We live in a materialistic society where ‘the more you have, the better you are’; young people have to compete everyday: a better seat in a classroom; a scholarship for tuition, it is constant having to decide whether it is worth it. If we give our young people an alternative, they will not have to search elsewhere.
The Miss Notre Dame D’Haiti Pageant has made an amazing transformation to help bring more life, culture, and a sense of pride to Notre Dame D’Haiti Catholic Church. This provides an opportunity to gain additional life experience, working on issues of importance to our Haitian Culture and Community, enhancing personal skills, and developing performance-related and other talent.

There Must Be Alternatives

The Miss Notre Dame Pageant connects young women, 17 to 30 years of age, with their rich and beautiful Haitian Culture. It is a major competition, based on character, rather physical beauty, personality, talent demonstration, questions and answers as judged; improptu in order to promote self-esteem among those young women.

Beautiful minds with A Purpose

There has never been a time in history when it has been more important to become involved in your community and church. The Miss Notre Dame D'Haiti Pageant is an excellent incentive for these young ladies, who are recognized as the elite women of today and tomorrow. You alone can make a difference by giving of your time and talent to those in need.
Contestatns must read and adhere to the following:
* Must be a born female
* Must be single (unmarried) and does not have any children.
* Agrees to abide by all rules and regulations of the competition.

Contestants are able to earn pre-pageant points as wella s pageant points the night of the pageant.
The different competition categories are:
  1. A two-paged double spaced essay connecting to the year's theme
  2. A full panel scored interview featuring the entire committee
  3. Discipline at rehearsals
  4. Sponsorship
  5 . Miss Photogenic & Miss Congeniality
  6. Schedule adherence

our misses

Our Role Models
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff and contestants of:
Pageant with A Purpose |
Countless hours of hard work and dedication have been carried out in the quest to help and build a better community.
Hardworking Teams |
The difference between success and failure is a great team: Team work makes the dream work. There are many people in a team, but only one group. There are many believers, but only One Body of Christ.
William Arthur Ward would puts it best in saying that "The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."
Good Environment |
We do not merely look out for our own personal interests, but also for the interests of others in our church and community: to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world.


    Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, I am Gaetane Saint-Victor, the first born of my parents. I migrated to Miami Florida in March 2000. I graduated from North Miami Senior High School in 2004 at the age of 17 and pursued my college degree at ST Thomas University. I graduated in 2007 with my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Global Leadership Liberal Arts, with minors in Philosophy and Religious Studies. In 2011, I graduated from Barry University with my Master of Social Work degree. Today, I am enrolled at Carlos Albizu University in the Clinical Psychology doctoral program.
    Today, a master's level social worker, and a registered intern, I have a strong passion to help those in need. After seeing so many children experiencing and living nightmares from day to day, I have come to realize much more help is needed in the community. I help those kids every day in my current position of a Student Success Coach at a Miami Dade County Public School located in Little Haiti.
    An active member of the Church, I call it my second home. In 2005, I participated in the Miss Notre Dame D’Haiti Pageant and became the first Miss Notre Dame. Today, I am the chair of the pageant committee. I am currently the president of the women ministry at Notre Dame D’Haiti Catholic Church, called Ladies of Essence. I am also a Catechist, as well as a lector.
    As the Miss Notre Dame D’Haiti 2005, I hosted a plethora of activities and one of the events I initiated was the Back to school event which is still alive today. I enjoyed every second of being a Miss and I am elated and honored to be working with the contestants, preparing them as one will become the future Miss Notre Dame 2017.



    Roselyne Jean, Miss Notre Dame 2007-2008. She is a proud daughter of Joseph Jean and Cleona Casimir. With four sisters and two brothers, she has a complete family which she cherishes dearly.
    Roselyne is a young and vibrant individual who enjoys any form of art and helping others while making them happy. For this reason, she chose to pursue design after being introduced to it while going to school for psychology. She is now the lead design specialist working for the prestigious company Williams Sonoma Inc. She has been a part of this company since 2008 starting off in sales then working up the charts and getting certified then producing over $800,000 in sales annually.
    During her free time she loves listening to music, sing, dance and spending time with loved ones. Her reign as a Miss in 2007 was filled with abundance of activities that strengthen her values and faith in God and youth. For this, she had the church's first basketball tournament where young men had something to call theirs. Roselyne enjoyed art so much and believe that the power of the tongue could move mountains, that she did a poetry night where expression through spoken word had its place. Rose enjoyed seeing the youth come together for a good cause within the church.
    Most of all, she enjoyed working in unison with her committee which consisted young men, women and her fellow contestants who never left her side. Roselyne is always fighting to keep together friends, family, organizations and ministries. "Together we are stronger but alone we are weak" is was she lives by. She believes that life will take an individual as far as he or she wants alone and land exactly where they planned, but if we accept that God has sent people on our path like a canoe to get us to the other side of the river, we will inherit the greater things in store for us that we originally could not see or plan for ourselves.


    Esperance Jules is our fourth 2008 Miss Notre Dame D’Haiti winner. Esperance was born and raised in Miami, FL of parents, Rosemond Datus and the late Marie Ange Joseph and has two younger brothers and one older sister, now married to her husband Tommy Jules and have a two year-old daughter named Isabella.
    Growing up, Esperance mother always taught her the Haitian culture and expose it to her at an early of 10 months by traveling to Haiti every summer with her and her younger brother. At age 14, her mother had her join the choir, Chorale La Saint Famille at Notre Dame D’Haiti Catholic Church at 14 years. During that time she also joined their youth group of La Saint Famille, where she learned spiritual and folklore dance.
    At age 16, Esperance decided to join the 2007 Miss Notre Dame D’Haiti Pageant but later had to drop out because her mother died right after she signed up. Esperance realized that life is not over when you lose someone you love close to you, in fact with prayer, trust in God and Our Lady of Perpetual Help to guide us, you can rise up from your downfall and be great again. So that's exactly what Esperance did, be great again, she use her faith in the Holy Spirit to enter the pageant again the following year and she won in the 2008 Miss Notre Dame D’Haiti Pageant at age 18.
    During her reign, Esperance has expose the youth to Bible study sessions, poetry/spoken word nights she hosted every month, basketball tournaments for the young men at the church, Easter egg hunts, helped in the 2010 Haiti’s earthquake relief fund, volunteers in the church’s event Jericho, and with all of that, taking the role of her mother to raise her younger brother who was still a minor at that time while she still was attending college. After her reign, Esperance is still active with in the church ans is a part of a women’s ministry founded by the past Misses called, Ladies of Essence where they try to make a difference together in church and Haitian community.
    Outside of church, Esperance uses one of her best traits, ‘helping others’ with in her work as an Office Associate IV in the Public Works Engineering Department at the City of Miami Beach. Esperance is a humbled, virtuous woman of prayer, a loving wife and mother and build friendships with in everyone. She often refers to herself as coming from great value that even with the absence of her mother, her strength and wisdom of her late mother lives through her. One of Esperance’s favorite quotes that she lives by and always reminds herself for encouragement is, "I may not be perfect but Jesus thinks I’m to die for".


Gaetane St-Victor

Year | 2005

Rosenny Augustine
Fanm Ayisyen, Yè, Jodi a, Demen
Year | 2006
Roselyne Jean

Year | 2007

Esperance Jules

Year | 2008

2011 | Stephanie Gresseau
The Essence Of Women
Year | 2011